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How to Play Bullshit Bingo

Two Parts:

Ordinary business meetings and conference calls are usually deadly boring. Bullshit Bingo, originally created in 1993, is a classic office game that can be the answer to this problem.Assembling a team of trusted coworkers to quietly play Bullshit Bingo can add a ton of secret fun and humor to an otherwise mundane event. Just select a variety of your favorite tired industry cliches and face off with your friends to see which of you will drink for free at Happy Hour.


Setting Up Your Game

  1. Find one or more friends to play Bullshit Bingo with you.You'll want to be recruiting trusted coworkers with a sense of humor who are also annoyed at having to waste time in a meeting or on a call with you. Trying to get the office snitch to play is probably a bad idea.
  2. Make a list of common business or industry cliches.Equity. Buy-in. Engagement. Accountability. Team-culture. Forward-thinking. You'll want to be selecting words or phrases that will come up in the meeting. The best phrases are the ones that come up so often that they make you want to roll your eyes.These phrases are the equivalent of traditional Bingo numbers in Bullshit Bingo.
    • There are websites that can create automatically generated lists and even allow for mobile and tablet play, but creating your own buzzwords is more fun.
    • You'll want to decide whether you and your opponents will be sharing from a common "phrase bank" or making individual ones.
    • If using your own phrase bank, common phrases that your opponents won't think of are especially valuable. You want to have a few unique phrases that will set you apart from the competition in order to gain an edge.
  3. Decide which version of Bullshit Bingo you are going to play.Traditional Bullshit Bingo requires a 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 grid of words, requiring either 9, 16, or 25 cliched words and phrases.Simplified Bullshit Bingo only requires a list of a few words and phrases, all of which need to be matched in order to win.
  4. Decide on your Bingo signal.While saying either "Bullshit" or "Bingo" would be a clear declaration of victory, either word might be frowned upon during a conference call or meeting. You and your fellow players may want to decide on a funny double-entendre or inside joke that the winner will need to utter in order to declare victory.
    • Another option is to have the winner speak and incorporate all of their winning cliches. It can require a fair bit of creativity and is hilarious.
  5. Decide on a prize.The only thing better than the sweet taste of victory is the refreshing taste of your favorite beverage. Happy Hour drinks for the winner are often a great prize, but lunch in the office cafeteria or exemptions from coffee run duty are also good. Decide on a prize that works for you and your fellow players.

Playing Bullshit Bingo

  1. Start the meeting or conference call.With your list or grid created, you and your fellow players can begin your scheduled meeting without an overwhelming sense of dread and boredom. You may want to send each other pictures of your respective grids, in order to make sure that no one cheats.
  2. Listen for your phrases.If you have "TPS Reports" as one of your phrases and your boss reminds everyone that a cover page is required for their TPS reports, you score! Cross off or check the cliches on your grid or list as they come up.
  3. Race to Bingo.Your otherwise boring meeting has now become a game - and you are racing against your friends. If you are skilled enough to have created a good list, and lucky enough to have had your cliches called you'll be well on your way to victory.
  4. Declare Bingo!Or Bullshit. Or your pre-arranged phrase. Whatever your victory parameters were, be sure to declare yourself the winner as fast as possible. Your fellow players may also be sitting on Bingo, waiting for the right opportunity to speak. Don't let anyone else steal your glory, though you all can revel in successfully subverting an otherwise mundane meeting with a little secret fun.

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