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DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P)

If you're a parent of school-age children and you're either PCSing to Korea or you've already made the move, there's a good chance that you'll be interested in researching the various educational options for your kids—and one of those options is enrolling them in a school provided by the Department of Defense.

The following DoDEA schools in Korea are a part of the Department of Defense Dependents Schools–Pacific (DoDDS-P) region and are categorized according to the military installation that they're affiliated with.

Follow the link to each school’s website for specific information about the district, facility, teacher:student ratios, and much more

If you thought military life was filled with paperwork, just wait ‘til you need to register a child for school. To start the process, be absolutely sure that you have the following (each branch of service has slightly different requirements:

  • Air Force: PCS Orders with dependent names
  • Marine Corps: PCS Orders and Area Clearance with dependent names
  • Navy: PCS Orders and Dependent entry approval listing dependent names
  • Army: PCS Orders with dependent names

Okay, that was pretty easy. Now comes the hard part. In order to register your child, you’ll need to collect all of the following. You may be able to pre-register your child(ren) online at the DoD’s website, However, you will still need to go to the school to complete the registration process.

  • Student’s passport or birth certificate (to verify age)
  • Student’s Social Security Number
  • Student’s immunization records -- be sure to get your seasonal flu shot
  • Certification of Immunization (DoDEA Form 2942) (take to Immunization Clinic to be signed by medical authority)
    Student Registration (DoDEA Form 600) 
  • Student Health History (DoDEA FORM 2942.0-M-F1)
  • Computer and Internet Access Agreement (DoDEA Form 6600.1-F2)
  • Questionnaire for Race/Ethnicity (DoDEA Form 600A)
  • ESL Home Language Questionnaire
  • Early Closing/Emergency Plan Form
  • Publicity Permission Form
  • Housing Assignment Letter, Off-Base Lease Agreement, or TLF Receipt
  • Previous school records for student


Please note that if your child is currently attending the school, you’ll have to re-register him or her, which means you’ll need to go through most of this again. Hopefully, it’ll be a little easier the second time.

Korea District

Mailing Address:
DoDDS Korea
Unit 15549
APO AP 96205-5549
Phone Numbers:
DSN on base:  738-5922

DSN from off base:  0505-738-5922


Camp Casey – Dongducheon

Casey Elementary School
Mailing Address:
Unit 15792
APO AP 96224-5792
Phone Numbers:
DSN: 730-6444
From United States: 011-82-505-730-6444
From Korea: 0505-730-6444


Camp George

Daegu American School
Mailing Address:
Unit 15623
APO AP 96218-5623
Phone Numbers:
DSN: 768-9501 or768-9543 or768-9531
From United States: 011-82-53-470-9501
From Korea: 053-470-9501


Camp Humphreys

Humphreys American Elementary School
Mailing Address:
Supply Tech

DoDDS-P/Korea Unit 15797
APO AP 96271-5797
Phone Numbers:
DSN for Elementary: 315-754-9425
From United States: 011-82-50-3354-9425
From Korea: 031-619-9309


Humphreys American Middle School

Mailing Address:
348th Qm Co Sra Unit 15197

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DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P)
DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) images

2019 year
2019 year - DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) pictures

DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) advise
DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) recommend photo

DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) images
DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) images

DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) new pictures
DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) new pics

pictures DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P)
picture DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P)

Watch DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) video
Watch DoDDS in Korea (DoDDS-P) video

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